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the settlement from bp. that's to knight on the fox report 7:00 eastern and 6:00 central. until then, good afternoon. fiscal cliff or fiscal free for all? welcome, everybody. deadline schmedline. 46 days until the cliff brings in the crack pot. far from spent, these guys are spending not less, but more. you heard me right. they are on the brink and still -- still breaking the bank. deals so good it would make him proud. >> you have to be kidding. ryan, you give anymore than that and they will call you santa clause instead of ron. >> how about another special tax hike on millionaires on top of one already in the works for the upper income? >> you convinced me to put in for steak knives, but i said
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there was more. you know what is missing over here? >> i'll tell what you is missing over here. more fun stuff like a one-year extension of the payroll tax holiday at the surprise of $20 million. >> i am going to throw that in, but i am not finished yet. there is even more. >> more indeed. what if i told you if you act now, al gore will personally throw in a tax to get the country off what he calls the climate cliff. that's like two cliffs in one. >> wait there is more. let me show you this. >> wait a minute, what the chuck? still more from chuck? new york senator chuck schumer will throw in a hot new stimulus bill soon. how does the trillion-dollar job plan sound? that should get you worked up. i know what are you thinking. neil, this is just too
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incredible to be true. but it is true. it is all yours if you act now. these guys are wheeling and dealing for only so long. if you want in, you better get in on the gravy train fast because i am not done. i saved the best for last. i am going to tell you what these crazy pimping on steroid politicos are offering. all of it, the car tax, extension on the payroll tax, what if i told you you can get them all, all for less than $1 trillion? you can't beat that, right? marketwatcher, scott martin, wonder if he is buying? >> i am not. it is missing one good thing that they offered. it is the money back guarantee. neil, every good infomercial
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-- you are right. >> that's what i want, neil. i want the government. i want the folks in washington, congress -- chuck schumer, wow, what a strapping tore stimulus he is. -- stranger to stimulus he is. if the american person is not happy with the outcome, we don't get new job growth. the gdp slows to less than 1%. it is all of the things we know will happen in 2013. if all of those things happen, how about they give us our money back. how does that sound? >> it doesn't make sense and makes a lousy commercial so no. we need more stimulus. and now a letter going around among some of the democratic senators that the president better stick to this script about don't touch entitlement and leave medicare alone. i know they won an election. they didn't win a landslide. and it is as if in exit surveys folks were saying, yes, yes, keep up the spending. we want to see more of it. >> that's right.
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and i think that's why we are in such a scary place right now, neil. we talked adnauseam about the deficit reduction which is the spending which has to be addressed. you have to get confidence back. you have to get businesses back to doing what they do best which is spending their own money and thought taking it away. if we grow out of this problem, that will put some of the tax hikes in perspective with regards to not hurting the economy as much. it is when we are slowing that this really hurts. >> well, i think wall street isn't buying this infomercial. judging from had today's losses and 700 points worth since the election either they want that money back guarantee or they don't want the money, period. >> i think that's it. i think they don't want the money, period. i think they want simplicity. i think they want cuts on the tax rates. but maybe an elimination of loopholes. things to sim plaw fight the code and -- simplify the code and make it clear that all of the money will be taken away
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and spent in other places that again the government says they know better about. so that is really the issue here. we aren't seeing any clarity on. >> have you been a wonderful contestant. thank you as always. >> accept my parting gifts, thank you. >> will this number though stop this one? the first number is how many people were lining up last week for first time jobless benefits? 439,000, well above estimates. hurricane sandy blamed for a bulk of it. it shows the whichy is still not heading in the right direction no matter how you slice it. and then there is the $1.6 trillion figure expected to be the president's opening bid for tax hikes for people earning more than $200,000 when he meets with the congressional leaders manana? senator, that might dissuade people of this deal too good to be true.
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what do you think? >> well, afternoon, neil. it actually is. i was just looking this morning at the national journal headlines. it says no entitlement reform. what the president is putting forward is a big, fat tax increase in the middle of a stagnant economy. it is not serious. they are not serious. they are in denial that we've got a problem with regard to federal spending. what is driving federal spending is these run away entitlement programs that we've got to reform if we are going to get on a sustainable path. and just raising taxes is not going to do anything to fix that. >> that's the only thing on the table right now, senator. the letter you are referring to from senator rock rockefeller and tom harkin, they urge 20 some odd democrats to sign on, don't touch the entitlements, make the ratio, spending cuts and tax increases more like 1 to 1.
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i don't see this ball moving here. do you? >> i hope it can. what should happen is if they were serious about fixing this problem, let's get this next year so we can do it in a reasonable time frame. couple entitlement reform and tax reform. republicans are willing to put revenues on the table as long as it is on the context of fax -- tax reform that lowers rates. we won't do it in the last 30 days of the year. extend the tax rates rather than take the risk of driving over this fiscal cliff and plunging the economy into a recession. >> the president doesn't seem to be budging on this. the flanks are saying don't even consider doing this. we are at a potential point of no return where if the two sides are that far apart, republicans and democrats, how real is that cliff looking? there is a separate thought that many democrats want to go over that. they want that cliff to happen. >> i think it is very real,
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and i think there are democrats who are fine with going over the cliff. i don't think they believe it would hurt the economy when in fact you have all of these economists both private and government saying that this would perhaps cost us 2.2% of economic growth and take the unemployment rate to over 9%, reduce take home pay for most americans and cost us about 700,000 jobs. that's the reyament of -- the realities of what we are looking at if we don't fix this. i don't think the democrats believe that. i think they are in denial about this. that's why it makes sense for us to get past this immediate hurdle. let's get into the big debate that we need to have in this country about growing the economy, creating jobs through tax reform and getting our country fiscally solve vent again through entitlement reform. we are willing to do that, but we can't do that in the lame duck session of congress as we face this fiscal cliff. >> very good seeing you again. >> thanks, neil.
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coming up, -- >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> all right. you're on, mr. president. the good senators here to say that himself.
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there saw lot of clean up to do. people need help and heat and power. they still need food. they need shelter and the kids are still trying to figure out where they are going to school. there is a lot of short-term immediate stuff that has to be dealt with, and we are going to make sure that we stay here as long as people need that help. that's fema's primary task. >> well it is a good thing because those people need help and for quite awhile. president obama visiting storm-ravaged staten island. lots of folks are still without any place to live
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today. they are without power and without hope and without a lot of stuff. so with things looking hopeless out there, we decided to bring melissa francis here to offer some advice on how you get through pretty bad stuff like this. why melissa francis you ask? what is this harvard inning indicated -- educated tv anchor and former child movie star know about pain and suffering? what have i told you? a lot more than you think. listen closely and learn. there is a jaw-dropping memwior that is far from the little house on the prairie which this seemingly charmed eight-year-old girl first came into our lives. the book is called "diary of a stage mother's daughter" and its author, my friend, melissa francis here now. melissa, i wanted you to come on , not just because it is a great book, but to talk about these folks who are hurting. they say, i am going to have a
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lousy thanksgiving. i am lucky to have a home if i lost a loved one. i have squat. what do i do? >> a lot of my book centers around the idea that i grew up with this life on "little house on the prairie" on television and it looked magical. a lot was so much fun on so many sets. we had a great time. behind it it was driven by a stage mother. that's why it is called "diary of a stage mother's daughter" and there what is a lot of cruelty and abuse that went on behind the scenes that was shocking. it was hard to write the book. a lot of the details were shocking to my husband, to my best friends. i think a lot of the reason why i did it was because to number one own my life and where it has been and to be up front about it. like you said to a lot of people, it looks really easy and great, and i do have a great life now, but it wasn't
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without a lot of different struggles. as people have read the book, they have come to me and said, you know, i feel so close to you now because i went through something really similar. they start to tell me their story, and it is not similar, but what is similar about it is that it was a great hurdle of some type, a trauma, a tragedy, a death in the family. my own family came to an explosive, destructive end. the message that comes out of it is this is a richness to grow upon no matter how bad you feel right now. you know whatnot to do in the future. you know how to pick yourself up and go forward. you can move forward. >> it is big time apples and oranges to compare what you went through with what a lot of these folks are going through in these storm-ravaged areas who have nothing and trying to piece together stuff now. it is not there. they are saying that's fine for melissa who got over her problems with the mother from
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hell and all of that and relate to me without anything and probably without anything to come. >> i think that is what makes america great. that's what makes this country great. that's what makes us as a community great. we do no matter how bad things look out there, no matter how hopeless you feel there is that strength inside that there is someone around you that you can go to that you can band together with to pull yourself up and move along no matter how dark it looks right now. there is a place to go. >> a mother who pushed you and your sister along -- i don't want to give away the end of the book, and certainly knows i might have done that, but it is tragic and sad. yet you are pleasant and you obviously came over that, but when you look at it now and these people -- you don't know pain. you don't know suffering. you don't know squat. what do you say? >> i would say that i have had
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those moments in my life where you hit real rock bottom. you scrape the bottom of the barrel and you say you don't know how -- i can't believe you are making me cry. you don't know how you are going to pick yourself up. >> you do and you did. we all knew you as the adorable child on "little house on the prairie" but behind the scenes is a little girl who was dealing with hell. your mother kicking you out of the car at seven or eight years old. my god, i was thinking this isn't human. >> you know, i had a driving relentless -- the hollywood version of a tiger mom. she sort of drove us to perfection in everything whether it was entertainment or horseback riding, tap dancing, whatever it was, school, straight a's. this is so embarrassing. >> i am very sorry. >> anything less than an a was
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not acceptable. >> now your sister dealt with that as well. >> yes. >> and so in this hard-charging be the best environment, it was a take no prisoners attitude, right? >> it was. and we were two really different children. and now that i have two sons of my own and i have seen them come out i see that kids are born differently. they respond to the same type of parenting totally differently. for myself it drove me to perfection. it drove me to demand the most for myself. it drove me to study inhuman hours. i could keep going relept -- relentlessly like you do around here. i could charge harder. but for my sister, when she felt she couldn't perform and she couldn't make my mother happy, and she couldn't achieve the same things she saw me doing it destroyed her. it took a big bite out of her confidence and out of hershey thought she was. -- out of who she thought she was. >> where was your dad in all of this?
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>> my dad and i are very close and we talk and e-mail every day. he was a small business owner. he was someone who worked all the time. we had a very traditional family where he would go out and earn, and my mother would stay home and take care of us. i talk to my sister about it many times, and we never appealed to him for help because we always knew we would be alone with her again later. >> how is your relationship today? >> i don't have a relationship with my mother any longer. >> you went from california to new york. >> i did. >> you worked at cnbc and fox. that's a big thing to uproot. >> it is. >> you have two adorable boys and a very handsome husband. is that the new life now? is it part of your message that you move on, but you can never get over? >> i mean, i am sitting here crying on national television so you can say how much you could get over it, but i think the message is that you can turn the page. you can have a joyful life and
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you can start over no matter how hard it is. i'm sorry. >> and i'm sorry to make you feel vulnerable there. "the diary of a stage mother's daughter," i will tell you here a lot of us at fox talent have written books, quite a few. this is the best one. i am not exaggerating there. i am just talking about a pure emotional level. this time of year, and for those affected by storms and calamities and hardships -- >> there is hope. >> there is hope. this young lady went through a hell of a lot. she is here now. and she is making all of our lives difficult now. there is a good deal after that. we will have more after this.
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this is video we are getting in from the night hurricane sandy hit in the new york-new jersey metropolitan area. this is the hoboken area. as you can see flooding out of control, and it could explain why these areas are too this day weeks after the fact still trying to get back in operation. this is a subway station here. you can see the turn styles underwater. you had still images before, and now this is video from the night the storm hit. we were hearing reports that things were underwater, but as you can see whole train tracks, whole stations underwater. this was very, very big stuff, and it just got worse and worse as the night ensued. and as i say to this day let's go to elizabeth on the fallout. >> we are at jacobs reef park. this is usually a beach area
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in the summertime. but now it has been turned into a temporary landfill to handle the debris from a dozen towns in the area that were devastated by hurricane sandy. you are seeing entire neighborhoods and business districts in the area ending up in this landfill. this is a temporary landfill. it is now stretching around 1.5 miles long. according to the sanitation officials, he is saying it is approaching the weight of the u.s. spacestation. it is surpassing the weight of the entire empire state building. what you are looking at right now is the debris pile that is reaching about two stories of the the deal here is that this debris is getting bigger as the power continues to be switched back on. the other point they are making to us is the president gave a shoutout, and by the way the president did a flyover at 11:30 of this very area. and what they are saying is essentially that, look, basically this is a debris pile that will not only get bigger, but it is important to
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note that the new york parks department opened up this area. if they didn't, the rebuilding would have been a lot slower. so i tell you something, neil, it is a stunning development we are watching unfold here. and the other point they are making is those fires in breezy point and rockaway queens, they were hard to be put out. the firefighters found it difficult to put them out because the debris was piled up in the blocks in the neighborhood. once they cleared it they could get in, neil. >> great reporting, lizzy. thank you very, very much. meanwhile from trash piling up to debt piling up, republicans and democrats getting ready to duke it out. which party is getting the blame for this mess? julia seymore says the mainstream media has already decided. i guess i am not shocked with what you discovered. go ahead and tell us. >> no, unfortunately it is not much of a surprise that the blame for the fiscal cliff
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situation which was the result between president bush and the congress is almost entirely going to congress at least on abc-cbs and nbc morning and evening news programs. >> on the spending, they say spending is never a problem. it is the darn republicans insisting on cooling it. >> that's right. it will be interesting to see whether they talk -- i think they will talk a lot more about the need to raise taxes than to cut spending. we found that congress was blamed 16 times more than president obama. the networks also relied on liberals like bill clinton and timothy gite neither and now senator elizabeth warren who actually called the gop obstructionist in one story. >> you know what is interesting having uncovered more than my share of threatened government shutdowns and debt ceiling and qawg mires and the like.
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republicans are castrated for being bough lig rent -- belligerent when it comes to sticking to their principals and stop the spending spree. not so democrats if they don't. so i am just saying what is good for the goose could mean going after the began deer. gander, so why not? >> are you right president you are absolutely -- you are right. you are absolutely right. and it is just -- this is the liberal media mind set. the networks -- i think it stems from the liberal idea that they bt what -- they want taxes raised. they badger republicans who say it is not good for the economy, and they don't consider it a valid principal that it is good to stick to your guns in that case. but president obama isn't criticized for saying he will veto any bill that includes -- that doesn't include tax hikes on the wealthy. >> in other words that's not object staw nent. but republicans in cysting that spending be a big part is
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obstinant. you can't have it both ways. >> exactly, you can't, but the media continue to do it one way and not the other. >> well, it is crazy, but we're on it. we have been very busy here trying to save the nation. it is hard when there is lopsided coverage of it. i will continue to do what i do. in the meantime, maybe washington can take a cue from me. as the national debt goes up to the debt i just paid off. >> neil, this is for you.
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boxing over benghazi continues hours after several republican lawmakers slammed rumors of the possibility the u.n. ambassador susan rice will replace secretary of state hillary clinton. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they will go after me. and i am happy to have that discussion with them. but for them to go after the u.n ambassador who had nothing to do with ben go swree -- benghazi and was simply making a presentation based on intelligence she had received and to be smir of -- besmirch her reputation is outrageous. >> senator john mccain was
1:34 pm
trying to reach out to the president and get answers. what did you think of that? >> i think it is unfortunate because first of all if she had nothing to do with benghazi or the u.n ambassador she shouldn't have been out on all of the sunday shows that some five days afterwards stating that it was a spontaneous demonstration that was triggered by a hateful video that turned out to be absolutely false. there was month demonstration. i don't know how you logically assume that she had nothing to do with benghazi since it was the white house that had her on all of the sunday shows second of all, i am not trying to get into a mano-e-mano about the united states. i am trying to find answers that resulted in the death of 4 brave americans. and obviously there have been so many conflicting stories and so much conflicting information including the
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president of the united states at the end of the second debate with mitt romney saying i said it was a terrorist attack in the rose garden on the 12th when that was not true. that night he went on 60 minutes and he told steve croft that he didn't know who it was. he had no idea what caused it. so he either didn't tell the truth when he was talking in the second debate or he didn't tell the truth on 60 minutes. i think i have the exact quote here somewhere. and it is really -- the american people deserve answers. >> do you think he has been deflecting on making ambassador rice the issue and you are going after the wrong person? what do you think of that? >> again, i don't know what to think. i don't think someone who gave false information when there was correct information out there. this was five days
1:36 pm
afterwards. when i was on the sunday show which was "face the nation" right after she spoke, the president of the libyan legislative assembly came on and said this is al-qaeda. this was a terrorist attack. so right there it was refuted. obviously facts have come in since the attack and the intervening five days that clearly indicated that it wasn't just a spontaneous demonstration. so she is responsible. but the main thing is the president of the united states is responsible in his team, and we need to find out exactly what happened. we owe that to their families, and we also have to do what we can to make sure that it doesn't happen again. >> what would you do if she is picked for secretary of state? >> well, i would oppose her unless she has some logical explanation. i willisen to anybody -- i will listen to anybody tell their side of the story.
1:37 pm
clearly right now i would be opposed because the american people were told false information by her. it was at the direction of the white house. >> what would you think if the pick was senator john carrie? john carey? >> whoa -- we would want to advise and consent. senator john carey came within a whisk sker of being president of the united states as you know. i have known him for many of years. i haven't agreed with him on a number of issues, but as you and i are constantly reminded, i am not the president. i do give some latitude to the president of the united states. >> you know, senator, a lot of people looked at what the president did yesterday and said yesterday, and it appeared to be a cheap shot at you. as if to frame it, you can pick on me and not poor susan
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rice. >> if he reviewed my comments over the last several weeks i think most of my chepts were directed -- comments were directed at what did the president know? when did he know it? and what did he do about it? when this report came in as a result of a meeting on august 15th that said we don't believe that we can -- words to this affect, we don't believe we can withstand a concentrated attack on the consulate, what happened? what happened? shouldn't the president of the united states have known about that? two attacks on the consulate in april and in june. the attempted assasination of the british ambassador, all of those things i should have flown. and why -- i shouldn't have known. why wasn't there military capabilities. god knows we have a lot of it in that time of the world. there had already been warnings. why wasn't there a military capability. why did it take seven hours? all of these questions need
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answers. i am not -- as i say, i am not trying to have a confrontation , but i do believe that the american people are owed answers particularly from a pure political standpoint to be honest with you. why he would say what he said at the end of the second debate which was clearly not true to some 80 million people. >> senator, thank you very much. for those who like the senator or don't like the senator, it it is fair to say he is not one who avoids confrontation or tries to deflect on certain people. he is always up for the fight. no matter how high and mighty you are. ask any president of any party in recent his vee. when we come back, states are hours left to decide if they are getting on board with the president's health care law. the guy has already made up his mind. it is texas governor rec per -- rick perry. he is next.
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dismie a few months ago -- a few months ago a television host on one of our networks bet me about the american election which was foolish on his part. he was wrong, and my team was right. the payoff is that he had to send a whole bunch of ice cream down. it is really hard. get in line. everybody form a line, and then you will get some ice cream. neil, this is for you. [applause]. neil, we are not gloating, really we are not. we are not gloating. yes, we are gloating. we are gloating. that's okay, neil. you are a great guy anyway jiecht i hate him. -- >> i hate him. larry gloating in front of students visiting from south america. all right, larry, well enjoy it while you still can. we are going to be talking to
1:44 pm
him. larry, are you there? i deliberately cut your line. >> i am here, larry, and i am enjoying that still. >> did you like the ice cream? did the students like the ice cream? >> it was terrific ice cream. we had 20 visiting high school students from columbia -- from peru and bolivia. >> so i am a worldwide loser? that's good. >> well, i put it this way to them. i said if you were in charge of the federal debt, that debt would be paid 100%. >> well i didn't hear that. that didn't make the edit room floor. >> ask michelle about it. one of your staffers didn't put that part in. >> we mean what we say. i wish congress with the guarantees it makes. you know the whole election, everything that has developed since, are you surprised and not only that i paid up on the debt which is marvelous and you shouldn't be surprised,
1:45 pm
but that we are read nooght election where we can do more spending. we are reading where there is more plan for stimulus. did this pop up in any of your exit poll surveys? i don't see much petting going on. i don't even see where there is promising deal making going on. what is happening here? >> well, i do wish you were involved. 24r is no question you would be gracious. we would be irrationally exswriewb rents. >> now you mock me. let's get past this. i am over this. >> yes, let's get past the bet. look, here is the thing. in american history, the winners get to define their own mandate. that's what is happening right now. president obama is saying when i was re-elected, the people were saying x, y, z. they were backing me up on higher taxes for the rich. they were doing this. they were doing that. and that is traditionally what we -- >> yes, but were they backing
1:46 pm
him up on some senators like rockefeller and tom harkin and they hope to get a bunch more on a 1 to 1 spending tax hike ratio? were they backing that? were they backing the new stimulus? what? >> they weren't getting into the details at all. they were voting mainly on the basis of partisan identification more than anything else. the details are being hashed out between the president and congress, and obviously, neil, this is a negotiating posture. no one thinks what the president is saying will be the final deal. that one is thinking that what some of the republicans are saying will be the final deal. this is for the back rooms. we are excluded. >> for now. >> but you think -- will they avoid this whole thing? >> i am becoming a little more optimistic. hope springsy ter national. i don't think they ever want
1:47 pm
to go back to where they were in august of 2011. everybody failed and everybody suffered on account of that. congress as a whole, democrats and republicans, were in the single digits of job. that meant only their staffs and their family approved of them. i don't think they ever want to go back to that. >> i am not as op optimistic, but i will not bet on you this one. >> i don't want another bet. i am quitting while i'm ahead x neil. >> my best to you and your students. i'm glad you enjoyed the ice cream. continued success. >> we did. you were gracious. you were very gracious, neil. we thank you. >> i feel vulnerable, but okay. professor, thank you. meanwhile, a key deadline for the president's health care law is fast approaching. the texas governor who ain't budging, rick perry next.
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it is a great showdown over this health care law deadline across the country. texas governor rick perry has already decided. >> well, we have said all along that we weren't interested in putting more people on the titanic, and that's exactly what you would be doing with the expansion of medicaid. the health care exchanges, same answer on that one. we are not interested this being brought into a system that frankly nobody knows how they would work. so having washington, d.c. make the calls for the state of texas , not good policy, not good politics. the answer to this administration on expanding medicaid and the exchanges is a very emphatic no. >> and others are beginning to follow, governor.
1:52 pm
nicky hayley in south carolina and nebraska's governor and others are expected to do the same. then what? what does this mean? >> well, the states have always been where this should have been focused to begin with. we are the ones to deliver the program. you can't make this one size fits all. this goes back to a conversation we have had for literally years with washington, d.c. where we have asked for waivers to run our program better and to deliver better health care and more accessible and more affordable health care. and washington all too often says no with that mentality. they know what is best. the fact is they don't know what is best. so we will continue to push back on washington, d.c. and regardless of who the administration is, if they think they can do health care better than the governors of the states, they are sadly mistaken. >> so obviously you have a legal team. they have told you you are within your legal right to challenge this.
1:53 pm
>> absolutely. we sued the federal government on a regular basis unfortunately whether it was the epa on the clean air act and whether it has been issues of health care and what have you, the voter id again, it makes all of the sense in the world to most people in the state of texas. you show a photo id before you go vote and the federal government and the justice department is suing us over that. we are not afraid to sue the federal government and not afraid to stand up for our sovereign right. texans believe in it quite strongly. >> are you going to run for president again? >> have i no idea. i have a legislative session in front of me that is substantially more important that what will be happening three and four years down the road. >> let me know if that changes. governor, always good to have you. >> you will be the first i call.
1:54 pm
there is still good news in this country, and texas is the epicenter of it. >> sir, always good having you. >> good to see you. in the meantime, does this guy look like a wimp? i don't think he does, but apparently this guy thinks he does. you died. you decide. .. [ female announcer ] e-trade was founded on the simple belief
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that bringing you better technology helps make you a better investor. with our revolutionary e-trade 360 dashboard you see exactly where your money is and what it's doing live. our e-trade pro platform offers powerful functionality that's still so usable you'll actually use it. and our mobile apps are the ultimate in wherever whenever investing. no matter what kind of investor you are, you'll find the technology to help you become a better one
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♪ ♪ >> neil: did the president really just tell john mccain to man up and quick picking on susan rice? did he really say if the senator has a problem with the u.n. ambassador, he should take it up with him? is that the president's way of calling john mccain a wimp? are you kidding me? john mccain? war hero, john mccain. decorated fighter pilot who kept volunteering for dangerous missions, john mccain? 5-1/2 years in a north vietnam prison, getting the crap beat out of him? that john mccain? are we talking about hanoi
1:58 pm
hilton john mccain? he was so badly beaten, all but every other hour to this day he is incapable of simply raising his arms above his head? that john mccain? the guy who after all of that refused preferential treatment and an early release because his father was an admiral? that john mccain? that is the guy who needs to man up and pick on someone his own size? leaving aside the clearly sexist tone of the president faux rage, more like leave the lady alone, go after me. is it more or is senator mccain already on record trying to go after the president or get a simple answer from the president on the whole benghazi mess? wasn't it the president who put susan rice out on the weekend talk shows after the september 11 attacks to address this matter? if she wasn't your go-to person, mr. president, why did you make her that? why were her words deemed the official white house reaction after that? memory sevens me right, john
1:59 pm
mccain asked that himself, why susan rice speaking for the president? where was president's rage then and why the sudden rage now? why only now with the press conference temper tantrum over the coverage of benghazi and not over four dead americans in benghazi? so much we still don't know. this much i do know. i don't care what you think of john mccain, john mccain didn't make susan rice the mangled messenger, the president did. just like john mccain isn't the guy you want to all but call out for not being a man. he put that to rest. in years, years of beatings and starvations in a tiny prison cell when you, mr. mr. president, were just a kid. man, oh, man. man, oh, man. that's pushing it. whatever you make of this whole benghazi mess, whatever you make of the whole debate on the fiscal cliff, you could attack a lot of people on a

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